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What we look for in business partners

Shared values are the key to any successful relationship.
Here are two that we look for when it comes to building a successful partnership. 

Forward Thinking

We believe success lies in being proactive, not reactive. We work to ensure our partners are prepared for success, rather than chasing it.


We embrace cutting edge technology like web based solutions and cloud computing to enhance security and improve efficiency.

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Industries of expertise

IT Firms

From app developers to web designers and everything in between.

Local business

You might be 'Mom & Pop', but your accounting deserves to be top notch.


Your financial governance should be as modern as you are.


From stocking to staffing, your needs are complex. So are Stelle & Henson's skills.


Accounting you can count on, and financial coaching you can build on.


The experience to understand the unique needs of the Manufacturing sector.

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